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Improving medication adherence through data driven insights
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Maximize Drug Benefits
Adherence to medical treatment not only impacts patient care but significanlty improves global healthcare
Increase Revenue
Increased medication adherence impacts revenue and increased perceived value of the company's branded medications
Increase Drug Validation
By removing barriers to medical adherence, pharmaceutical companies can more effieciently achieve drug validation, reducing time-to-market
Join Us in defining the future of dermatology. Equip yourself with the latest in AI technology to maximize the potential of your branded medications
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Companion App for Chronic Diseases
The AI based companion app enables patients to monitor symptoms and receive personalized treatment plans for effective management of chronic skin conditions
Skin Toxicity Side Effects Management
90% of patients undergoing biological treatments suffer from skin toxicity side effects, significantly effecting drug adherence. Providing patients 24/7 access to a dermatologist significantly improves patient health and medical aherence
Clinical Trial Management
24/7 patient monitoring enables pharmaceutical companies to effectively conduct clinical trials, including post-marketing surveillance
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