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By providing access to remote resources and treatment, payers may offer members key competitive features which improve health outcomes while it attracts more members
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Improved Quality of Care
24/7 access to certified dermatologists ensures quick and reliable diagnosis and treatment plans, improving quality of care and patient satisfaction
Cost Savings
Prevent expensive long term treatment costs by ensuring quick and efficient early diagnosis and accessible monitoring and management plans
Increased Revenues
Access to advanced remote resources enables customer retention and provides a competitive advantage in attracting new members
Join Us in defining the future of dermatology. Equip yourself with the latest in AI technology for a competitive, cost effective edge
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New Business Models
Our on-demand technology provides insurance companies the opportunity to re-evaluate and re-structure their existing business models in order to better suit the needs of their customers and increase ROI 
Competitive Edge
By upgrading their portfolio to include remote services which allows members to feel they have more control over their health and well-being, payers gain a significant competitive advantage in the marketplace
Cost Reduction
Payers are expressing concern as medical fraud is on the rise.OurAI based technology reduces the potential for upcoding and unbundling by precise monitoring and tracking systems
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